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​Mon., Mar. 23, 8a–5p 

Maryland Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Annual Meeting

Martin's West, Baltimore


 Sat, May 9, 11am – 8pm

Catonsville, MD

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​6908 Belair Rd.

Baltimore, MD 21206

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​​​​​​Let's get more plant-sourced, vegan-friendly foods onto menus!

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Do you know that at least 30% of your current
patrons want substantial plant-based food
​choices, regardless of their diet?

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Sun., June 14

​​May 30 – Oct. 17
​Every Other Saturday Morning

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 Saturday, March 7, 7 – 9:30 pm

 Joe Squared's Party Room: Downsquares

​Fun • Extravagent Buffet • Music • Dancing Raffle • Meet-and-Greet Social Activities

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Plant-Forward 2020


 Sat, Feb. 22, 2-5 pm

Laurel, MD