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​​​​​​Let's get more plant-sourced, vegan-friendly foods onto menus!

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Ensure your establishment as a leader
in the fastest growing culinary trend of our time.


Serve exciting plant-based options that everyone loves!

Align your business with sustainable solutions.


Do you know that about 30% of your current
patrons want substantial plant-based food
​choices, regardless of their diet?

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SATURDAY, Nov. 30  •  7 am – 12 noon

BotaniCuisine will be selling delicious
​100% plant-based foods:

Grilled cheese sandwiches with deli slices
• Nut & chocolate balls
• Hot chocolate made from cocoa, turbinado sugar, soy or almond milk, and coconut whip.
Optional: adds: cinnamon or pumpkin spice.
                           – ALSO –
Custom-painted end tables: 
​21.5" sqaure, 18" high, black base.


​East 32 Street and Barclay Street, Baltimore, MD

Street and the lot at Giant Foods, 601 E 33rd St.

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Date & location announced soon.