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Greetings! I’m Nancy Poznak,
founder of BotaniCuisine.

Plant-based foods are more popular than ever!  Many major companies and investors are  financing vegan food initiatives and plant-based proteins for versions of animal-based foods we're accustomed to enjoying. Millions of people seek a dining experience that includes plant-based
foods, and often choose restaurants offering vegan choices that satisfy everyone's needs. 

I collaborate with local food vendors and can recommend food suppliers which carry plant-based foods. I visit restaurants in the Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, and Columbia areas of Maryland with hopes to expand BotaniCuisine’s restaurant outreach.  

My background is in health and wellness, with a Master’s of Science in health science, and certification as a Community Health Education Specialist. I am also certified as a Vegan Hospitality Consultant,  Health Coach (American Council on Exercise), Vegan Lifestyle and Coach Educator (Main Street Vegan), and Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (American Council on Exercise). I also have a background as a print-based art director (Muscle & Fitness Magazine) and graphic designer in marketing and advertising. 

My motivations for eating plant-based/vegan are founded in health, respect for the lives of all creatures, supporting the well-being of all, seeing an urgent need for environmentally-friendly food choices, and supporting plant-based food systems, which use the least amount of resources and provide the most food security throughout the world. More information is found at A Well-Fed World.

• Vegan Hospitality Consultant Certification

• ServSafe Manager Certification

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Nancy Poznak


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