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Greetings! I’m Nancy Poznak,
founder of BotaniCuisine.

Plant-based foods are more popular than ever!  Many major companies and investors are  financing fabulous vegan food ventures that provide the same, or similar, enjoyment we have had for traditional versions of animal-based foods. Millions of people seek a dining experience that includes plant-based
foods, and often choose restaurants offering vegan choices that satisfy everyone's needs. 


BotaniCuisine Initiatives:

• Speciality foods I prepare in a professional, commissary kitchen,
​     sold at farmer's markets. See
Welcome page.

• Dining + social interactive events
• Plant-Powered Meat Months online promotion
• Plant-Powered: An Extraordinary Life Virtual Meetup Series
• Vegan Burger Smackdown, a public event

My background is in health and wellness, with a Master’s of Science in health science, and certification as a Community Health Education Specialist. I am also certified as a Vegan Hospitality Consultant,  Health Coach (American Council on Exercise), Vegan Lifestyle and Coach Educator (Main Street Vegan), and Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (American Council on Exercise). I also have a background as a print-based art director (Muscle & Fitness Magazine) and graphic designer in marketing and advertising. 

My motivations for eating plant-based/vegan are founded in health, respect for the lives of all creatures, supporting the well-being of all, seeing an urgent need for environmentally-friendly food choices, and supporting plant-based food systems, which use the least amount of resources and provide the most food security throughout the world. More information is found at A Well-Fed World.

• Vegan Hospitality Consultant Certification

• ServSafe Manager Certification

​• Caterer's Food License, Baltimore City, MD

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Nancy Poznak

BotaniCuisine, LLC

​5730 Cottonworth Ave., #5351

​Baltimore, MD 21209

443-384-7890  (Voice only, no texts)