Stevie enjoys dining at Land of Kush!

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"The chef's haven't forgotten their proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, so they make a

vegan crab cake

that is second to none."

Baltimore City Paper, Sept., 2017

Please note that vegan crab cakes ​
​are served only on weekends.

Meet the Owners

​Land of Kush

Meet Naijha Wright-Brown and Greg Brown,
​the amazing owners of the Land of Kush.

Find out why patrons of the Land of Kush are
​passionate about the food, the place, and the good vibes.

"Pleasant surprises for meat eaters..."

Meet the Patrons

Mon - Sat      11 am - 9 pm

Sun                10 am - 8 pm

Sun. Brunch  10 am - 2 pm

Dine-in or Carry-out

840 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, MD 21201 ​ •   •  410-225-5874  



"A native New Yorker, I was born in Manhattan’s lower east side (LES) and raised in the South Bronx. As a youth, I enrolled in a program called The Fresh Air Fund, I was introduced to gardening, farming, environmentalism, sustainability and the basics of healthy eating while spending summers in the Berkshires (Massachusetts).  I am a people-person,  with over 20 years of customer relations experience. 
I have held managerial, technical and administrative positions at Verizon Wireless, Dow Jones Markets, Credit Suisse First Boston, and the former Chemical Private Bank. I hold a Masters degree in Business Adminstration from the University of Phoenix. The thought of owning a restaurant never crossed my mind until I relocated to Baltimore and met Greg.  
That is when we birthed the “vegan soul food”
​concept for The Land of Kush."

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Best Vegan
​Crab Cake

Voted "2015 Top 10 Baltimore Dishes"

bu City Paper

"It’s not just the food, it’s the overall experience!
​We are Vegan Soul."

– Naijha Wright-Brown

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"who want an off-the-charts delicious
​plant-based meal
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"I was born to eat healthy.  Chef Gregory Brown is almost strange to me. I had no intentions to become a chef.  I fell into it by necessity.  I’ve always had the vision to own a restaurant that catered to the health conscious crowd, but early on never really know how it would manifest. 
I became a vegetarian in the late 90’s…cold turkey…pardon the pun. I found a cook book
​on vegetarianism and decided to clean out my refrigerator and cabinets of all animal products and be a vegan.  The only issue was I had never cooked like this before and some of the foods in the book were completely new to me.  I was always taught that you can learn anything and with that mentality, I began to teach myself how to cook." 

City Paper, 2017​

Soul Food with SOUL