Hello Food Enthusiasts! Some of us know how enthusiasm has its drawbacks. We want to eat healthy AND enjoy the bountiful pleasures of many foods, without having to perform critical research with every bite - or meal. So, what's up with all the drama, dharma, trauma, and karma going on between nutrition "experts?" Why do health experts act like, "my science can beat up your science?" My father was a lawyer (sadly he passed away in 2016 at 90 years old) who knew how to argue and win! (I saw a t-shirt that said, "My lawyer can beat up your lawyer!)

Food Science, Facts, and Common Sense

Food science shouldn't be about framing an argument to win. It should be based on facts, data, and common sense. So how do we choose the best foods for our personal needs and enjoyment? What criteria do we use to make these choices?Most people understand why eating plant foods is essential for health. Yet we've been raised in a society that has promoted animal products as also essential to health. But how much of a food group is really needed for optimal health? Can we eat even a little bit of animal products and still be healthy?

Science Says

Regardless of how these questions are answered, one fact remains certain: every major health/nutrition organization supports the superior health benefits of a plant-based diet! 

  BLOG 10/15/18

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