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Meet the Founder of Impossible Foods, Whose Meat-Free Burgers Could Transform the Way We Eat.

Impossible Foods has spread
to over 1,400 outlets, incl
uding the no-frills White Castle burger chain, where a slider
​sells for $1.99.

Dr. Pat Brown, founder of Impossible Foods:
"There is this widely held view that the food that we get today is a product of nature and that Impossible Foods sits at an unusual intersection between science and food. The human species didn’t begin with a handbook that told it which parts of which plants and animals are healthy and nutritious to eat; that was something that needed to be discovered.

     "Humans needed to figure out how to prepare those foods safely so that they weren’t going to cause fatal infections. And then they needed to figure out how to create foods that bring together delicious, nutritious parts from many plants and animals to create something that’s more than the sum of its parts. That’s research. That’s science. What we are doing is completely in that tradition. We’ve figured out a way to bring ingredients together to make something special that’s more than the sum of the parts."


Bill Gates: "I've come across a few companies that are creating healthful plant-based alternatives that taste just like eggs, chicken, and other sources of protein." Learn more about their fascinating processes.

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