Overall Fitness Class

Series, Virtual Zoom


• Low-impact, highly effective

• Cardio: Easy moves, moderate pace
• Strengthening: Gentle, targeted moves
• Flexibility, Mobility, Stability

    – Resistance Bands  (see list at right)
    – Free weights. (see list at right)
    – Chair without arms
    – Comfortable, supportive sneakers
    – Gloves for weight lifting

• $48 for entire series, 16 classes ($3/class)
​• $4 per individual class
• No refunds for missed classes. 

• Refund info on registration page
       Registration link below, on right

• Contact Nancy Poznak with questions:


Thanks for stopping by.

In these classes, I. share my love of exercise, help guide people through safe, effective, and enjoyable movements

My Background:

While working as an Art Director at Muscle and Fitness magazine
I obtained a Personal Training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 1998 and found a true passion!

I've been teaching exercise and maintaining fitness certifications since then 

Personal Trainer Focus:

• Help clients learn to exercise independently
and successfully.

• Proper form to get the best results with the least amount of effort

• Posture: starts with how
we stand and move.

• Customized movements for maximum safety and efficacy.

Group fitness Focus:

• Teach and guide people through a wide range of movements.

• Help improve cardio fitness and overall strength, balance, mobility, and stability.

• Modify moves to accommodate individual needs.

People ​have expressed how much they appreciate this knowledge, which enhances our enjoyment and appreciation of exercise.

Group Fitness 

Personal Training 

Mondays, 10:30 – 11:30 am

June 7 – Sept. 27, 2021​

Strength Care Wellness

Nancy Poznak


​ª Personal Trainer* 1999
• Group Fitness
​     Instructor*
• Health Coach* 2016
• Community Health
     Education Specialist
*Certified by American Council on Exercise