Vegan Burger Smackdown aligns with the Vision and Values of BotaniCuisine

6 E. Lafayette Ave,. Baltimore, MD 212302

Food Tokens

for burgers at check-in.

One Queue

for all burger vendors will move fast,
​exchanging tokens for burgers.

Posters of All Foods

with ingredients will be published here,
​at check-in, and at each food station.

​from businesses and individuals.

​​​​Adam Stone, magician

Entertaining in dining areas.


Morning Munchers   11am – 1:15pm
Presentation 12:30 – 1:15 pm
Afternoon Noshers   1:30-4:00 pm
Presentation 3:00- 3:45 pm

Dining service continues
through presentations

Clarksville & Olney, Maryland


Celebrate choosing foods with the least impact possible on the environment and all of Earth’s inhabitants, and foods that have the best impact on ​our health and well-being. 


​​Baltimore, MD

BotaniCuisine and the Vegan Burger Smackdown do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any differentiating characteristics.



Awesome Restaurants 


​​Additional Raffle Prizes:

STALL 11: Bacon Chedda Burger, Quinoa-based

Sunday, April 28 

​​​11 am – 4 pm

​"The Garage" behind R.House

301 W. 29th St., Baltimore 21211​​ See Map.

Raffle Prize to Give? ​Click Here!

​Gift certificates, new items 

Bursting With Flavors!​​​​​​​​​

• Scrumptious, plant-based, slider-size
  designed for a wide range of tastes
  and preferences, only possible with
  plant-sourced ingredients.

​• Gluten-free available

Custom-Crafted Burgers

Amazing burgers ​that delight and  satisfy.​ Crafting together legumes, beans, and whole grains with various plant-sourced ingredients delivers awesome culinary delights.

Just–Like-Beef Burgers

Get ready for the beefiest, juicy burgers
you won't believe are plant-sourced!
Indulge in the  Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat burger, ​in all their glory. 

"Our mission is to build a 
   kinder world for all animals." 

bursting with flavors only possible from plants!

Golden West's Impossible Burger
Just like beef!

​​Baltimore, MD

​​​​Slider-Size Burgers

Beyond Meat Burger: Just like beef!


Upbeat, with dynamic speakers and a short video. Sign language interpreter.

​• New discoveries and surprising
    vegans everywhere!
• Share the joy and positive benefits
    of plant-based foods and lifestyle.
• Enjoy all our food favorites and
​    navigate challenges.

Ruby Lathon
   Roadmap ​to
​   Holistic Health 

Gregory Brown
   Land of Kush
• Marley Daniels-Smith
   Youth Guest Speaker

​• Crystal Forman
    Holistic Wellness & Health

New discoveries and surprising vegans! Share the joy and positive benefits of plant-based foods and lifestyle. Enjoy all our food favorites and navigate challenges.   

More Than a Food Fest!

Clarksville, MD


Another burger vendor added soon.


Magician • Raffles • Trivia Games 

Live Music and Music Videos
Desserts & Drinks (no alcohol)  

Dining Areas with seats & tables

Presentations with Speakers

Everything served & sold is 100%
plant-based and vegan-friendly 


CLASSIC: $18 pre-reg, $23 on-site
Two burgers, different vendors.   

KIDS: $5 ≤ age 12 with adult.
Kids food for purchase

6-BURGER BANDIT: $34 All six burgers.
6-Burger Bandit *BUDDIES*: $42    
Admission for two; share six burgers.
   Pre-registration only.

    All six burgers, drink, dessert,
    VIP dining area  with wait staff.

    More perks and a gift bag.

​​​Compete to Win "Best Burger"

BotaniCuisine & Land of Kush Present

The Big Bean Theory's Black Bean Burger