Promote and provide healthy food, education, and community support with the goal of creating a more compassionate,  sustainable world, fostering food security, sovereignty andequity for all of those with whom we share the Earth.

​Every other Tuesday, 
11 am – 2 pm

May 18 – Oct. 26

711 W 40th St,

Baltimore, MD 21211​

Free parking, four hours


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Specialty foods at great prices!

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Specialty Foods by BotaniCuisine

Virtual Meetups!

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Apr. 27 (Tue):  Coalition for Healthy School Food

May 7 (Fri.):    Healing Powers of Empathy and

May 21 (Fri.):   Interfaith Vegan Coalition

June 4 (Fri.):   Planned Overs: Batch Prep

June 18 (Fri.): Sustainable Future – Local to Global
                       Impacts in Each Bite

July 2 (Fri.):    Aging Exquisitely 

Aug. 6 (Fri.):    Nutrition and Brain Function

Sept. 10 (Fri.): Getting Social With Veganism 

More dates and topics will be added.


Jan. 5    Healthy Nutrition w/ Dr. Michael Klaper
Feb. 5   
Food Justice w/ Jacque Salomon
Feb. 19  
Vegan Athletes w/ Ellen Jaffee Jones
Mar. 5   
Plant Based Gourmet w/ Chef Suzi

Apr. 7   Kids, Families,& Plant-Based/Vegan
​                      w/ Heather Brice


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Specialty Foods Prepared
by BotaniCuisine

Will be available to order here and at

farmer's markets, pre-order pickup
at Bmore Kitchen, and GrubHub.

All 100% plant-sourced / vegan!

• Quiche (with "Just Egg" egg substitute)

• Hot Dog and Veggies in Pastry

​• Muffins

• 'Crab' Cakes

• Chocolate Truffles

• Sweet & Nutty Popcorn Squares

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